Leslie Piper
Realtor.com consumer housing specialist

Leslie Piper, realtor.com®’s consumer housing specialist, is also an active Realtor in the residential marketplace. Her mission is to connect consumers with the home of their dreams, which means she is highly attuned to market trends and hot topics to keep both her clients and realtor.com’s users informed.

On the home buying side, Leslie has a keen eye that offers prospective buyers insight into what their future home might look like. On the listing side, she applies a business-savvy approach and her own personal expertise in interior design to help clients with staging, and bringing their homes to life for the buying audiences both online and in person.

Prior to starting her career in real estate, Leslie worked in finance at Robertson Stephens and Morgan Stanley. She lived internationally in both London and Hong Kong, where she gained great insight into the international real estate markets. Leslie also works philanthropically to support the non-profit organization, Room to Read, which is based in San Francisco. She is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley.