Leslie Rasmussen
Freelance fiction writer, and lapsed comedy writer

Leslie Rasmussen was born and raised in Los Angeles; she earned a Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA and after graduating, embarked on a career writing television sitcoms. She wrote for many shows, Major Dad, Evening Shade, The Norm McDonald Show, Roseanne and The Wild Thornberry’s to name a few. During her time in the trenches as a writer, Leslie married and proceeded to pop out two kids. After one too many exhausting nights, she made the difficult decision to leave the television business behind. Leslie went back to school to earn a Masters’ Degree in Nutrition and opened up her own private practice called Good Life Nutrition, Inc. Even though her new business kept her busy, she didn’t leave the writing behind. Leslie continued to write by creating a nutrition blog, along with working on stories that were both fiction and non-fiction in her spare time. She’s also been working on a book about marriage, which after 24 years in a good marriage, she knows a lot about. Leslie lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two teenage sons.

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