Levi Maestro
Maestro Knows

In the days where others seem to be uncomfortable to stretch their legs out and simply be themselves, Levi Maestro sees it as the only option. As a matter of fact he doesn't just stop there, he has now created an entire new job for himself by starting an authentic visual depiction of his present day life and people who lie within it. "Maestro Knows" is an online video project showcasing the creative learning and working experiences of a young man who came to Los Angeles with dreams of being a director and is now experiencing self-made success all around the world. Sticking to the honest and simple characteristics of being yourself and promoting positivity, Levi has been able to entertain the world and create change in other peoples lives all in just under 1 year flat. Maestro has directed and produced content as well as consulted for several corporate brands and music artists, building relationships one day at a time. “You gotta work hard and do for yourself, cause nobody else is gonna do what you want for you.”