Lindsey Wilson

Founder and Mental Training Coach

As the Co-Founder of Positive Performance Mental Training and BigBold.Life, Lindsey works with athletes, teams, women and organizations to find their highest performance. As a professional athlete, Lindsey had the privilege to play on many successful teams and collect an impressive athletic resume along the way (however, she's most proud of another coach calling her 'the most relentless player I've coached against.") As a mental training coach, Lindsey has developed trainings for universities, teams, and organizations across the globe. As a mom and entrepreneur, Lindsey realized she didn't know as much as she thought she did. But out of that challenge awakened a passion for helping other women to get the big, bold, kickass lives they want and deserve. These days, Lindsey can be found in her office in Seattle, writing, doing her weekly Facebook Live Series: Kickass Women Wednesday (www.facebook.com/groups/lindseywilsoncoaching) developing her online training programs (Mastering Your Self-talk is free until the New Year- details in the Facebook group) and working with her amazing clients all over the world. Or she's at home, drawing chalk on the sidewalk and making up silly songs. Fun fact: While in high school, Lindsey was featured in the Oscar-nominated documentary, “The Heart of the Game”

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