Lisa Weldon
30-Day Walk in Paris

In July of 2011 I walked one square mile per day until I covered the entire island of Manhattan. Why?

I put the career I loved on the back burner when my first child was born. Twenty years later, when my last one was off to college, I found myself at age 58, shut out of the interactive world that my advertising business had become.

Fulfilling a dream to live in N.Y., I acted on a dare and enrolled in a month-long course at Parsons. But just 10 days before I was to move to the city, the course was cancelled. Instead I hired an interactive tutor, cut the map of Manhattan into 20 equal pieces and started walking. I put my learning into action by sharing my walks through social media, the new tools of my trade.

My 30-day walk in NY has re-defined me, been a huge boost to my career... so much so that I am repeating my walks in Paris this month, walking all 20 arrondissements of The City of Lights.

Last year, I met my goal of learning social media while walking the streets of Manhattan. On this trip I plan to go below the streets of Paris and find artwork that is hidden deep down inside the soul of that great city!