Lisabeth Saunders Medlock, Ph.D.
Life coach, psychologist, TEDx Speaker


I am a psychologist, life coach and consultant with 17 years of experience in facilitation, training, workshops and motivational speaking. My mission is to leave people and organizations better than when I found them and do that through my my businesses, Life By Design Coaching and Results Consulting. . My passion is being a change agent and challenging people to think differently. As a coach I provide individual and group coaching as well as workshops and talks. I have "Make the Change" toolkits and write a monthly article-based newsletter. On my YouTube channel (Lisabeth Medlock) I have over 75 short life coaching tip videos. I wrote a blog called The Adventures of the Blind/Low Vision/Visually Impaired (BLOVI) Girl. The blog chronicle my adaptation and transformation to living and thriving as a visually impaired woman after a freak accident caused me to lose most of my sight. Check out my new website lisabethsaundersmedlock.com and follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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