Lori Kyler Christensen
Designer, Venni Caprice

Lori Kyler Christensen is the creator and designer of Boston-based couture clothing label Venni Caprice. She also sings and plays a mean tambourine in the band Dick, Nick & Chick Justice at bars around Boston.

Christensen runs every aspect of the company herself. When you are buying from Venni Caprice, you are buying a literal handmade “work” of art. She has no formal training and relies solely on the inherited talent for sewing and design from her grandmother Lucy. Christensen has been designing and sewing since she was a teenager. Her plan of becoming a professional singer was put on hold when she was diagnosed with epilepsy in her early 20s, which paved the way for her future in fashion. Homebound from this illness, she started selling her hand produced designs, and named her small label Venni Caprice. Between 2008 and 2010, Christensen lost both Lucy and her father, Vincent, to cancer. In the three years that they were sick, Venni Caprice took a back seat. After taking the time to heal from the loss, Christensen refocused on growing her clothing label. Venni Caprice consists of an affordable more casual collection which, and a higher-end collection called VC2o. With the support of her wonderful mother and amazing friends/small family, Venni Caprice/ VC2o has gone from an idea that was born out of necessity, to one of the most successful accomplishments of her young life. Keep an eye out for Christensen and Venni Caprice’s next moves.