Lorna Bright
founder of The Cosmic Coalition for Modern Evolution

Lorna Bright is a transformational thought leader, author, musician, and interfaith minister. She is also the founder of The Cosmic Coalition for Modern Evolution - an online community of heart-centered people from all around the world who seek to bring their inner awareness into every aspect of their lives including politics. Lorna has brought her common sense approach, upbeat humor, and original music to businesses, churches and organizations nationwide, including the Agape New Thought Music Symposium in Los Angeles, California, the Circle of Love Gathering in Atlanta, Georgia, the Unity Music of the Heart Conference in Austin, Texas, and the Asilomar Conference for the United Centers for Spiritual Living in Monterey, California. An award-winning songwriter, Lorna has produced and recorded three CDs of original music with accompanying songbooks along with two stress-relieving meditation CDs. Her latest CD, Being: A Journey of Spiritual Empowerment, is an innovative transformational tool featuring spoken affirmations, chants and meditations accompanied by Lorna's original musical compositions. She is the author of three books including her latest entitled, The Cosmic Constitution: 10 Universal Principles for a Better World, God’s Top Ten List: The Cosmic Code for Enlightened Living, and 52 Ways to Let Go of Anything: How to Dump Unwanted Baggage and Enjoy the Journey which provides a year's worth of methods for letting go in all areas of life. What people are saying about Lorna: Lorna Bright will lift your spirits when you are down, brighten your day when it’s gloomy, give you inspiration when you feel lost and alone, and fill you with love. Her music and message are a joy and healing salve for the heart. - Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker Author, Dare To Be Great Lorna’s workshops are a fresh approach to presenting affirmative ideas for every day living. Her ability to open hearts and minds makes her a wonderful complement to any gathering. - Susan Tucker Author, The Soul of The Writer

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