Lorna Bright
Author, speaker and musician

Lorna Bright is a dynamic speaker, musician, and author who unites modern spiritual awareness with the essence of ancient scriptures. Her most recent book, God's Top Ten List: The Cosmic Code for Enlightened Living, is the result of what she calls her "magical, mystery tour," in which she traveled cross country in a converted school bus from Nashville, Tennessee to the middle of the Sonoran Desert where a deeper meaning of the Ten Commandments was revealed to her.

An award winning songwriter, Lorna has produced and recorded three CDs of original music with accompanying songbooks along with two stress relieving meditation CDs. Her latest CD, Being: A Journey of Spiritual Empowerment, is an innovative transformational tool featuring spoken affirmations, chants and meditations accompanied by Lorna's original musical compositions.

Lorna is also the author of 52 Ways to Let Go of Anything: How to Dump Unwanted Baggage and Enjoy the Journey. Based on her popular workshop "How to Say 'Hasta La Vista' to Everything From Old Lovers to Worn-out Shoes," 52 Ways provides a year's worth of methods for letting go in all areas of life and is also available at Amazon.com.

To learn more about Lorna, please visit http://www.lornabright.com.

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