Lydia Dobyns

President and CEO, New Tech Network

Lydia has combined careers as a technology entrepreneur and executive, with education policy and non-profit service. She served two terms as a school board member, led an education foundation and directed replication strategies in the non-profit education sector. As President of New Tech Network, she directs strategy, new initiatives, product development, and school development services. Among the chief initiatives for New Tech are expanding its network of 130 schools, digital learning for students and teachers, further development of the learning management system, NTN Echo and expansion into K-12.

Prior to joining NTN, Lydia was the Director of Strategy and Expansion for RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching), a leading non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the classroom experience through innovative inquiry-based learning. She also served as president and vice president of the Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School board, a publicly elected position. Lydia was the founder and co-executive director of a non-profit education foundation dedicated to improving public schools in Los Gatos, California.

Her entrepreneurial and executive career featured work in the high technology, online services, consumer products and health care industries. Previous roles for Lydia included CEO of goodcompany.com, VP and General Manager for AOL and VP of Corporate Marketing for Ashton-Tate. She graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of California, Berkeley.