Lynn Coffey
Website Strategist at LynnCoffey.com

I'm a business geek. I can talk all day long about marketing campaigns, branding, positioning, copywriting, websites, sales and more.

But what I really love is working with health and fitness entrepreneurs to grow their business in a way that is natural and real. Not icky like a used car salesman.

You don't need another tactic - you want true support. Someone to show you how to build your business for the long-haul.

On a more personal note, I read a ton (mysteries and Appalachian Trail books are my favorites), hike as much as possible, go days without driving, and spend most of my non-working time with my beautiful family.

I grew up in Section 8 housing, I've been shot at twice, and I've moved 26 times by the time I was 20. Read More About My Wild Ride at http://LynnCoffey.com