M. Blazoned
Writer. Blogger. Recovering Nail Biter. Wearer of Funny Hats. Moon Lover.

Writer. Blogger. Recovering Nail Biter. Humorist. Wearer of Funny Hats. Moon Lover.

After an illustrious career being witty and irreverent on Facebook, M. is finally out of the closet as a writer with her blog, M.blazoned. She writes funny blogs about life as she sees it being 40 something with three kids and a husband of 20 years, when, dammit to hell, she’s so much more than that. She’s telling it like it is, coining phrases, and making people all over the world, say, “Are you living in my house?” You think it. She writes it. Think Erma Bombeck gets a perm from Tina Fey.

She’s written three novels she’s too afraid to submit, but warming up to the idea. Other writing credits include many notes to her kids’ schools, one in particular about an orthodontist appointment that was quite moving. She’s an expert at nothing, except her point of view. She has a dog named, Lucy, which she imagines makes her seem lovable. Check out her website. www.mblazoned.com

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