Macey Leigh Thompson
Fitness Guru, Law, Policy & Health Promotion

Macey Leigh is a lifestyle counselor, fitness coach and fitness model that has helped people of all shapes, ages, and sizes to excel with their health and fitness goals. She is a graduate of Indiana University Maurer School of Law and is the Co-Founder of The HERO Network, which is committed to providing comprehensive health and wellness resources to living organ donors. Macey’s life is further enriched by her fiancé Jason. Jason is an internal medicine and geriatric physician who has always had a passion for both physical fitness and dietary supplementation. As a team, they have formed “Mace and Jase whatever” a complete physical, psychological and nutritional approach to true health and lifestyle formation. They have helped countless clients not only in this country, but worldwide as well. You can follow Macey on Twitter @MaceyLeigh, become a fan on Facebook at, or visit online at