Maggie Van Ostrand
Some like it not

Award-winning writer Maggie Van Ostrand writes an entertainment column for www.fandomania.com; contributing editor www.texasescapes.com; contributor to the Chicago Tribune; the Boston Globe, Amarillo Globe-News, Sun-Sentinel, New York Newsday, head writer for TV trivia show; ghostwriter for network sitcoms and satirical stand-ups.

She writes a weekly column for Ohio-based Our Community, and monthly columns for a pair of senior zines, and two English-language Mexican pubs. Maggie appears with George Lopez and Jennifer Lopez in a feature-length satirical documentary on Immigration which will be entered at Sundance; and is keynote speaker on anything she can make funny. With Congress, they're already funny enough.
http://www.maggievanostrand.com, @magpie99

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