Mariana van Zeller and Darren Foster

Mariana van Zeller is a Vanguard Journalist for Current. She began her journalism career in her native Portugal, where she was a producer and presenter for SIC Televisão, the nation's largest private news channel. In 2001, she moved to New York to attend Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism program. A month into the curriculum, she was reporting live to Europe on the events of September 11th.

In 2003, van Zeller went undercover to report on Syrian mujahideen crossing into Iraq to fight against the U.S. invasion. She has since camped out in the Amazon jungle to cover the battle between Brazil's Indians and miners over South America's largest diamond mine, rode the Death Train to report on the desperate risks Central American migrants take to reach the U.S. and snuck in to the swamps of Nigeria to meet with militants fighting for control of the country's oil wealth.

Darren Foster
is an award-winning producer for the Vanguard Journalism department at Current TV. He began his career on the print side, writing mostly about Latin America. In 2003, Darren picked up a camera for the first time for an undercover report about Syrian mujahideen crossing into Iraq to fight against the US invasion. It was his first story with his now partner and wife, Mariana van Zeller. Their work has appeared on PBS's Frontline/World, Channel 4 (UK), the CBC and now exclusively on Current TV.