Marie C. Wilson
Founder and President Emerita of The White House Project

An advocate of women’s leadership for more than 30 years, Marie Wilson is founder and President of The White House Project, creator of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work ® Day and author of Closing the Leadership Gap: Why Women Can and Must Help Run the World (Viking 2004). In 1998, Wilson founded The White House Project in order to build a richly diverse, genuinely representative democracy.

Since its inception, The White House Project has been a pioneer in advancing women’s leadership in every sphere—political and social, cultural and economic. Under Wilson’s stewardship, innovative research and programming initiatives have been hallmarks of The White House Project. Highlights of the last decade include groundbreaking research, including the upcoming publication of , “The White House Project Report: Benchmarking Women’s Leadership”, the launch of, a database with over 330 women experts, two national leadership summits, and “Vote, Run, Lead,” a training program that has given more than 9,000 women the tools they need to run for office.

An innovator and change-maker, Wilson’s ultimate goal is to transform American culture so that the number of women leaders in all sectors achieves a critical mass. Wilson has been profiled in The New York Times “Public Lives” column, and has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, National Public Radio and other national programs.