Mark Baer
Mediator, Family Law Attorney, Collaborative Law Practitioner, Speaker, and Author

Mediator and Attorney Mark Baer is recognized as a ‘thought leader’ in many areas of Family Law for his provocative and forward-thinking ideas on improving the way in which Family Law is handled. As a former litigator who advocates the use of mediation and collaborative law whenever possible, Mr. Baer points out the inherent flaws that exist in litigating Family Law matters, then reveals more creative and less destructive approaches. Utilizing his vast array of information and knowledge, well beyond the law itself, Mr. Baer provides insight on how the dissolution of familial relationships, as typically practiced, leads to less-than-optimal results, both financially and emotionally. He also highlights the difference between ‘dispute resolution’ and ‘conflict resolution’ to offer simple ways of achieving a better result for all parties involved including the children.


Mediator and Family Law Attorney Mark B. Baer uses a unique, integrative approach which utilizes law, psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience, economics, philosophy, and other disciplines. An advocate of using consensual dispute resolution processes such as mediation and collaborative law whenever possible, Mr. Baer considers the psychological and financial health of the entire family and assists them in navigating the emotional waters of Family Law. He also helps those who attend his lectures acquire new skills that can strengthen and empower them to better cope with future challenges.

Mark Baer’s Mediation and Family Law practice offers a range of services that pertain to marriage, dissolution of familial relationships (including marriages, domestic partnerships and non-marital relationships involving children), legal separations, parenting plans, time sharing schedules, child support, spousal support, and pre-marital agreements.

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