Mark Chironna
Life Coach, Author, Spiritual Director

Certified life coach, author, and spiritual director Dr. Mark Chironna is a man uniquely gifted to bridge the realms of the intellectual and spiritual in dismantling emotional barriers and empowering lives. He is a prolific author whose frequent media appearances are well-received in faith-based and secular markets.

Recognized for his articulate and compelling approach to contemporary issues, Dr. Chironna is perhaps best known for his uncommon ability to foster and release the creativity and personal power of the individual. His authentic and compassionate approach to purposeful, destiny-infused living has transformed lives everywhere through one-on-one mentoring, speaking engagements, print and electronic media.

His degrees include a B.A. in Music and Education, an M. Div. in Theology, an M.A. in Psychology, a PhD in Theology, and is currently in the process of earning his PhD in Psychology.

With his extensive education and life experience across multiple disciplines, Mark Chironna is an apt speaker and commentator, a refreshing and timely voice for our times. Dr. Chironna’s newest book release; Live Your Dream is an inspiring and practical handbook for no-holds-barred strategic living. Motivating and energizing, it revives the aspirations while it fuels purpose-driven living and lifelong learning.