Mark J. Neuhauser
Attorney and stem cell research advocate

Mark J. Neuhauser, attorney and nationally recognized cure-based stem cell research advocate (website:

Inspired by those suffering from chronic and debilitating diseases around the world, drafted a fearless and powerful Open Letter September, 2009 that was sent to Congress and the President of the United States. This effort was endorsed by ninety-seven of the most renowned scientists worldwide including twenty-five Nobel Laureates. Refer to tab titled “Distinguished Signatories/Open Letter” for a cross section of confirmed signatories. Among those who agreed to add their names to the Open Letter were designer Kenneth Cole, actor/director Paul Michael Glaser and Director, National Institutes of Health Center for Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Mahendra Rao. OperationStemCellWatchDog set precedent for cure-based advocacy at the most crucial time with intent to override Dickey Amendment policy and pass comprehensive stem cell research legislation. Co-sponsorship for H.R. 4808 was stagnant over four months before Operation StemCellWatchdog commenced its Open Letter mailings June, 2010. July 15, 2010 there were twenty-two (22) new co-sponsors. Seventeen (17) additional co-sponsors were added between July 15 and August 10, 2010. Thomas Library of Congress: Bill Summary & Status illustrate these changes A thorough analysis may be found at “Watchdog Barks” tab on website