Mark W. Guay

yourlop.com - Teacher - Writer

Mark Guay is the host of the top-rated podcast Your Life on Purpose. He is a writer, educator, and entrepreneur in New York. In 2012, Mark began interviewing some of the world’s greatest social entrepreneurs and business leaders so that he could better connect his lessons as a teacher to the real world that his students would soon graduate into.

Mark also writes about mindfulness and healthy living. Four days after he and his wife, Kailtyn, said “I do”, a tiny tick bite with venom so powerful poured concrete over their feet. Kaitlyn went from running marathons to a wheelchair in a matter of weeks. Their quest for healing has led to learning so much about holistic wellness, marriage, and moving forward through long-term trauma.

When not spotted in downward dog, Mark can be seen on his paddle board in The Hudson Valley.

He welcomes you to stop by and join in on a potluck dinner and great conversation.