Martin Kearns

Martin Kearns is an innovator in the field of netcentric campaigns and advocacy. He is also Co-Founder and Executive Director of Green Media Toolshed. ( He has pioneered integration of network-centric principals to the field of civic organizing and social change work. He is designing software and services targeted to create value at the multi-organizational and movement scale. He is the catalyst behind, a global network of activists who use cell phones for civic action and engagement. Kearns is currently working on developing network based response plans to the collapse of nonprofit sector caused by the new depression ( .

Green Media Toolshed (GMT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the environmental movement communicate more effectively. GMT offers a professional suite of communication tools, strategic advice, trainings and services. Previously, Kearns also successfully founded the Georgia River Network, a group dedicated to preserving Georgia's rivers. Kearns worked on local, state and national political campaigns. He is a dynamic speaker and is often found at communications, technology and organizing strategy venues supporting progressive civic engagement. He volunteers on the Advisory Board of the New Organizing Institute. He spent three years working at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Kearns has a Bachelors of the Arts from LeMoyne College and a Masters in Environmental Science from Yale University.

Kearns spent two years as a Jesuit International Volunteer in Kingston, Jamaica teaching computers at St. George's College and working with inner city youth. He is a runner, hiker and fisherman. He and his wife Maryann are raising three young children in Rockville, MD. Kearns writes a daily blog, Network-Centric Advocacy : Advocacy Strategy for the Age Connectivity at