Mary Shomon
Patient advocate, New York Times bestselling author

Mary Shomon is a patient advocate who transformed her own health challenges into a mission to empower and educate other women. She is a New York Times bestselling author of 12 books on hormonal health, including the Quill Award-nominated Thyroid Diet Revolution. She co-stars in the Healthy Hormones" television series on PBS, and serves on the faculty of the New York Open Center. Shomon is the founder of the Me Time Wellness Weekends, focusing on mind-body hormonal health for women.

Shomon is the nation's leading lay expert on thyroid and hormonal health, and for two decades, has passionately advocated for better diagnosis and treatment options for women facing hormonal health challenges. Her motto -- "we're patients, NOT lab values" -- is one that millions of women around the world have taken up as a rallying cry for better care.

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