Jennifer Melroy

Adventurer, Explorer, National Park Junkie, Traveler, Hiker, Engineer, Snap & IG @matdifference, Blog at made-all-the-difference.com

Jennifer is a young American female who dreamed of moving away from my small town in Tennessee and getting to see the world. She didn't quite realise how far that would take me. She spent a year as an expat living in a country she hadnever heard of until the job offer. She am willing to go on any adventure no matter how crazy it seems. Jennifer has been to 5 continents and 21 countries, 35 USA states along with 35 national parks. She is always up for a road trip be it Iceland in February or UAE in Summer. She loves to hike and had hike all over the United States in all weathers on her quest to see all 59 USA National Parks. She is a full-time engineer who tries to travel every weekend even if it is only to explore around her current home town. She can be found on Instagram and Snapchat at MatDifference and blogs at made-all-the-difference.com.