Matt Pipkin
Founder/CEO, Speak Your Silence

Matt is the Founder/CEO of Speak Your Silence. He's a Purdue University grad from Boise, Idaho. He has a fun wife and a cat, Dennis, who thinks he's better than them.

When Matt was just 6 years old, he was sexually abused by a family friend and kept it secret for twenty years due to fear, shame, and guilt. His life was finally transformed a few years back when he found his voice, his value, and support from his family and friends.

In late 2012, Matt founded Speak Your Silence, a nonprofit on a mission to conquer the stigma of child sexual abuse. They’re accomplishing this mission through their product, The Stitch, which funds counseling – the very thing that changed Matt’s life - for individuals personally affected by child sexual abuse anywhere in the US, regardless of their location.