Matthew Spiegl
Lawyer, Ocean Advocate, Free Morgan Foundation Board of Directors

I am an attorney, environmentalist and ocean advocate living on California’s amazing Central Coast. I work on, and write about, local, statewide, national and international environmental issues. As an ocean advocate I am concerned about the health of the ocean, the impact of plastic pollution and marine debris on sea life, and the need for responsible stewardship of the sea.

The opportunity to interview and spend a day with Jean-Michel Cousteau remains one of the most important and influential moments in my life. Another has been meeting, writing about, and having the privilege to work with Dr. Ingrid Visser; chronicling her fight to free the captive orca known as Morgan. I love nature and the environment, and look to poet Robinson Jeffers as a kindred spirit. I also treasure the coastline of Carmel and Big Sur, and the solitude of Yosemite in the winter.

I earned the degree of Juris Doctor from Monterey College of Law where I am a founding member of the Heisler Society for Advanced Achievement in Oral Advocacy - honoring the late Francis Heisler, a famed civil liberties lawyer and First Amendment champion. I cut my political teeth working for the California Legislature, serving on the staff of then-state Assemblymember Rusty Areias as a field representative from 1983 through 1988. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences with a concentration in Urban and Community Studies.

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