Mercedes Samudio
Parent Coach, Mission to End Parent Shaming, Creating Shame-Proof Parents Daily

Mercedes Samudio, LCSW is a parent coach who supports parents as they discover and unlock their unique parenting powers. She truly believes that when parents feel empowered they can be great guides for raising healthy and happy children! She is a leading parenting expert certified in nonviolent child-raising and attachment parenting, and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Woman’s Day, Daily Parent, Parenting OC Magazine and Kids In The House.

She received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UCLA.

Mercedes believes that all parents need support to develop their parenting skills - and as a result has created #EndParentShaming hashtag as well as coined the term shame-proof parenting. It’s not a matter of good versus bad parenting. It’s more a matter of whether parents are using their relationship with their child in an effective way to manage their child’s behaviors. For Mercedes, the relationship between a parent and child can be one of the strongest bonds we ever have as humans, and her work to restore and heal that bond in families is what drives her passion for parenting.

Mercedes has also created a dynamic and transformative monthly parenting community for parents looking to end the cycle of chaos in their families. In this ground-breaking program, you get monthly access to empowering parenting skills coupled with a private, shame-proof parneting community and expert guidance the encourages action! Join the monthly membership community here: http://bit.ly/Raising-Healthy-Kids

You can read more about her parenting expertise at http://theparentingskill.com.