Michael Rose

Author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker

Michael Rose has directed, written, and or produced over two hundred television programs that have aired around the world. His most recent film, Elvis: Return to Tupelo, premiered last Fall on the bio channel and will be shown on PBS starting this Spring.

Storytelling has been Rose’s passion since college where he discovered the power of media to make social change. He decided to find a way to channel his interests into filmmaking. His first film at the UCLA film school prompted an ongoing research and advocacy effort that has shut down a nuclear reactor halted the resumption of the ocean disposal of nuclear waste and stopped a California valley from becoming a nuclear dump.

On a roll, he received a grant from Liberty Hill to train a community group to use research, and the subsequent firestorm of media attention, to pressure companies and government officials to take action. He learned to use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to uncover government documents that brought to light a hidden nuclear reactor meltdown, discovered forgotten ocean dumping sites of nuke waste, revealed America’s littered past with space nukes, a secret nuclear weapons tests off the coast of So Cal and many other stories. Wielding the Fairness Doctrine he prodded several local television stations into letting him produce programs to balance the Committee on the Present Danger’s docu/propaganda they’d been running about the need to ramp up our nuclear arsenal. That insidious group was the incubator for the neocons. This led to his being asked by Pacifica’s KPFK to start an anti-nuke series to refute the Reaganites.

One independent effort, a biography of labor leader Walter Reuther he co-wrote, won a local Emmy. He’s been covering the auto industry for the past several years