Mike Pickett
President and CEO of Onvia

Mike Pickett is Chairman and CEO of Onvia, a Seattle-based, NASDAQ-traded company that tracks the expenditures of more than 89,000 federal, state, local and educational agencies. Like the Obama administration and Congress, Onvia shares a common belief in the power of transparency and accountability, and recently launched the web site www.Recovery.org as its contribution to bring unprecedented levels to recovery spending.

www.Recovery.org presents real-time information that allows businesses, taxpayers, and government agencies to track American Recovery and Reinvestment Act spending in each state, county and city. Onvia has an explicit goal of providing every business, regardless of size, equal access to the projects associated with the recovery efforts for free.

Mike is an expert on government spending and has been five-time winner of Computer Reseller News' award as one of the 25 most influential executives in the high technology industry.