Miriam Ava
Founder, ColorsofGratitude.com. Ambassador of good taste. Writer. Self-taught whole food chef

Miriam Ava, PhD is the founder of ColorsofGratitude.com and the ambassador of good taste. With an open heart and eyes, she holds space for the beauty of life to unfold. Her photographs, articles, interviews, and poems capture this allure and offer distinct angles of interest to readers worldwide.

Grace informs all her creations which, among others, find expression in creative consulting, spirited travel, green beauty, and animal wellbeing. Miriam’s also a self-taught whole food chef.

She ran the NYC marathon in 2001, and the Chicago half-marathon in 2011 to raise funds and awareness for homeless pets. Follow #FlyHighRootDeep to stay in the loop on all things good taste. Miriam writes weekly at her blog, ColorsofGratitude.com

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