Miriam Linderman
Soul-led leadership and life coach, writer, speaker and gentleness advocate.

Hi, I'm Miriam.

I coach people who want transformation so that they can have the impact they want and contribute to their world with freedom, joy and energy.

Self-awareness goes only so far. Diving deeply into our inner ways of being with ourselves and others and taking committed action takes you into new places.

If you are this person, you may have already done some deep work on yourself, and yet there are sticking points, blind spots, and areas that with some assistance, would free you up to shine and lead the life you want.

We've all got those places.

If you want to have a coaching conversation, connect with me here.

All of my initial conversations are purposely 1.5- 2 hours. My clients and I have to be a great match. It has to be a Hell Yes! for both of us. So there are no strings attached and I coach you as if you were already a client. We get to experience each other as we are.

You can find out more about me on my website.