Mitch Rofsky
CEO, The Better World Club; Director, American Sustainable Business Council,

Mitch Rofsky has devoted his entire career to socially responsible business.

Mr. Rofsky has been present at the creation of a number of important progressive business institutions: the National Cooperative Bank (over $1 billion in assets), the Working Assets Mutual Funds (sold in the early 1990s, its successor maintains over $1 billion in assets; it also spun off the popular Working Assets/Credo Long Distance), Business for Social Responsibility (over 2,000 business members), and Better World Club (25,000+ members).

Mitch’s writing on business and politics has been published by The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Examiner, and many other publications and online at Common Dreams, Real Clear Politics, and many other sites.

Mitch started his career as an attorney for Ralph Nader, where he lobbied Congress for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch. (This was well before Nader became a politician.)

He then became the Executive Vice President of the National Cooperative Bank and President of its risk capital arm, the NCB Development Corporation, where he provided the funding that started Working Assets in 1983. Working Assets is now known as the progressive phone company, but Working Assets started out as a socially responsible money market fund. In 1991, Mitch became President of Working Assets Capital Management. Mitch was President as Working Assets expanded from a “stand alone” money market fund to a family of funds, including equity, balanced, and bond funds. Working Assets Capital Management was later sold to the Citizens Funds.

In 1992, Mitch became the first Chair of Business for Social Responsibility. There he served on the Board of Directors with such prominent business leaders as Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s, Arnold Hiatt, former Chair of Stride Rite Shoes, as well as representatives of Reebok, Hasbro, and many other national companies.

After Working Assets was sold, Mitch started the American Consumer Insurance Agency, Inc. (ACI) to determine what “social responsibility” could mean in the auto insurance market. ACI later merged with several other companies to become Better World Club.

Mitch is President and CEO of Better World Club (www.betterworldclub.com), the only contemporary alternative to AAA and other auto clubs. Better World not only advocates for the consumer and stands apart from AAA’s “highway lobby” policy agenda, but also offers distinctive services such as the first travel company Carbon Offset program to fight Global Warming, discounts on membership fees for hybrid car drivers and mass transit pass holders, and the only nationwide bicycle roadside assistance, to name a few, along with nationwide 24/7 roadside assistance. It’s eNewsletter, Kicking Asphalt, was named “The Onion” of corporate newsletters by Eco Talk Radio.

Mitch also serves on the Board of Directors of the New Voice of Business (www.nvob.org) the alternative “Chamber of Commerce” and serves as that organization’s representative to the American Council for Sustainable Business (www.asbcouncil.org), which is the coalition of responsible business organizations.

He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce of the University of Pennsylvania and the Law School of the University of California.

If you would like to contact Mitch, his email is mrofsky@betterworldclub.com.

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