Monira Rahman
Executive Director, of the Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF), which provides support services to women, men and children who have been attacked with acid or petrol in Bangladesh

Monira Rahman is a human rights defender, who works to create a society where women live a life free from the fear of violence. As Executive Director of the VSO partner organisation Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) in Bangladesh, Monira has raised awareness and brought about institutional change, including new laws to discourage attackers and prevent future violence. ASF runs a 20-bed hospital and treats 600-700 acid attack survivors annually—many were attacked years ago and never received care. Through ASF, survivors also access mental health services and employment opportunities.

In 2005 the Amnesty International German Section awarded her with International Human Rights Award for her extraordinary contribution towards promoting the rights of victims of violence. She was also awarded the prestigious 2011 Human Rights Prize by the French government.