MS. Havisham
Feminist, fashionista, culture commentator, big-mouthed Old Woman

I am MS. Havisham, the former MISS Havisham, the renowned, much-maligned character from Dickens' great Great Expectations. Listen up: I am still alive, and on fire! In fact, I was wearing flame-retardant bloomers when I caught fire in my ancient wedding finery in the novel. But I survived, I prevailed -- and I rise, again and again, like a phoenix from the ashes! I'm back -- as a feminist, a fashionista, a culture commentator, a big-mouthed Old Woman. I'm old, I'm dead -- I'm not afraid of anything! But you must be -- read my blogs and see why!

MS. Havisham is a pseudonym of Carol Muske-Dukes.