Natalie Fikes
Life re-assessment specialist, youth empowerment developer

Natalie Fikes is a life re-assessment specialist and youth empowerment developer. Her amazing ability to connect others to their authenticity, has allowed her to become a successful speaker and workshop facilitator. She is known for saying, “I’m not here to motivate you, I’m here to make you think.”

Natalie Fikes is the founder of Code Next Generation, a community organization that teaches middle and high school students life skills and places them in their communities to serve. She understands that our youth don’t require much more than a structured, judgment free environment where they are safe to connect with themselves and others. In her past life as a successful top seller, trainer and team leader, she was able to reproduce many after herself. She has been able to rewrite her own generational statistics and connect with her life’s purpose and is committed to do the same for our youth. Find out more at