O'Brien Browne

Award-Winning Author, Personal Coach, Intercultural Expert, Public Speaker

Driven by the firm belief that giving is a far greater thing than taking, O'Brien Browne's purpose is to inspire, guide, motivate and teach a rich variety of clientele, ranging from job seekers to executive managers, from university students to established professionals. He strives to enrich peoples’ lives as a mentor, coach, novelist, writer, blogger, public speaker and holder of unique seminars and global networking events.

Browne is director of OpenMinds OpenMarkets (OmOm), an international people and business development company. He is a contributing editor at MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History . His clients include Fortune 500 companies and elite universities as well as mid-sized firms and individuals seeking self-development.
Please visit his website at www.michaelobrowne.com and and join the OmOm group on LinkedIn.