Paul Klein

Artist's Mentor

Paul Klein has long been an art advocate and proponent for artists. In 2006 his long-term contributions were acknowledged by the Chicago Society of Artists when he was selected as their Man of the Year. Seven years ago, his desire to see artists empowered led him to create Klein Artist Works to demystify the art world, assist artists in a navigating their own path and to make introductions to enable artists to succeed on their terms. Klein is a SupporTED Mentor of TED Fellows. He was the Managing Director of the Briddge Group, the premier Art Succession Planning Group in the country.  For the past 10 years Klein has championed Chicago art by writing and distributing ArtLetter, an online examination of art in Chicago that is also published in the Huffington Post. He previews exhibitions and encourages readers to broaden their horizons by embracing unexpected quality, new venues, dynamic artists and strong exhibitions. Klein was the Art Consultant/Curator for the 2.3 million square foot expansion of McCormick Place West. It was his vision to use solely local artists at the new convention center, where all the content of the permanently installed art is Chicago and Illinois specific.  Klein owned and operated Klein Art Works from 1981 to 2004. When he first opened in an unchartered neighborhood he established the area as a new art center. After his gallery was destroyed by fire in 1989, his pioneering move in relocating led to the development of the another community.  In over 20 years as a leading art gallery he established friendships with artists , curators, collectors and civic leaders. He has always participated in his community and is highly respected by artists since the days his numerous survey exhibitions first brought attention to broad and diverse segments of his art community.  In recent years, because of his Chicago focus at McCormick Place and his plain speaking ArtLetter he has become the go-to guy in the expanding Chicago art scene, advising artists and cultural institutions almost daily. He lives in Chicago with his wife Amy Crum, and their children.

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