Paul Rosenthal
Community activist in Southeast Denver

Paul Rosenthal is a community activist in Southeast Denver. He is an appointee by Mayor Hickenlooper to the Denver Community Corrections Board, which votes whether to allow offenders from prison to enter the community through Denver’s half-way houses. For the past 5 years he has served on the Jewish Community Relations Council. Recently Rosenthal spearheaded the effort to name the new Denver courthouse after former Denver Juvenile Court Judge Ben Barr Lindsey, resulting in the naming of the building for Lindsey and another pioneering judge, Flanigan. He also ran for Denver City Council in 2003 and Colorado State House in 2008, coming in second both times. He is currently a State House candidate in District 9, in Denver. Rosenthal has also been elected twice to the Democratic National Convention, and was elected Secretary of the Denver Democratic Party and President of Colorado Stonewall Democrats. He has spent much time and effort going door to door for a number of candidates around the state. At the neighborhood level, Rosenthal helped found and is still on the board of the University Hills Neighborhood Association. He earned his International MBA from the University of Denver and has lived and traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East. Rosenthal currently is a substitute teacher at Ridgeview Academy, a juvenile facility in Watkins, Colorado. In his free time, Paul enjoys cooking exotic foods for friends, hiking, film, and a good glass of wine.