Peter Depp
Nashville-based gay comic; co-star, 'Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys'

Peter Depp is featured alongside his best friend Kristen Sabata in the new season of Sundance Channel’s critically acclaimed original series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, which takes place this season in Nashville, Tenn. Peter is a Nashville-based gay comic and is known for his very aggressive, very gay, and very filthy comedic style. He refuses to tame his humor for a hetero audience, and his unapologetic attitude has won over several crowds across Tennessee and the South, regardless of sexual orientation. Peter Depp’s comedy plays on the common stereotypes about homosexuality and challenges his audience to open their minds and laugh. Refusing to believe in people’s intolerance, his aims to use his boyish charm to change homophobes’ mind about their own insecurities.