Phillip B. Levine
Katharine Coman and A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Economics, Wellesley College

Phillip B. Levine is Katharine Coman and A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Economics at Wellesley College.

Levine's research has examined such issues as the impact of abortion policy changes on pregnancy, abortion, and birth; the impact of the business cycle on retirement behavior; and the ability of alternative public policies to raise the adult incomes of children who grow up in poverty. Along with many publications in academic journals and edited volumes, Levine is the author of Sex and Consequences: Abortion, Public Policy, and the Economics of Fertility, co-editor of Targeting Investments in Children: Fighting Poverty When Resources are Limited, and co-author of Reconsidering Retirement: How Losses are Layoffs Affect Older Workers.

Levine emphasizes statistical and econometric methods in his work and brings these interests to the classroom. He is a core member of the group of Wellesley faculty in the Economics Department who teach the courses Introduction to Probability and Statistics and Econometric Methods. A key component of these classes is applying statistical analysis to real-world problems.