Raquel Eatmon
CEO, Rising Media LLC

I’ve always had it in me: working with women. I was raised by three of them: Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. Being nurtured by these women (from three very different generations) built character as well as, at times, confusion. Like so many others, I come from humble beginnings and my three ladies made sure that I remembered that. While I wasn’t always true to it, my back-story is very much apart of who I am and the work I do today.

I am in a great business: I help women go the extra mile. We’re all pursuing greatness and traveling on different roads to get there, but it is my job to help others find and travel that path. The race isn’t against one another but it is within each of us: it’s a personal journey of finding our own muse.

I came to understand this simple formula only after an in-depth look at myself. On paper and Television, I was a successful news reporter/anchor quickly climbing the ranks in top markets such as Dallas, Texas. The business was changing, though, as the stories of crime and tragedy became focal points. I was unfulfilled communicating this news to the public. Instead, I enjoyed interviewing and crafting stories of high achieving and tough-willed people or celebs like Dr. Maya Angelou, Patti LaBelle, Willie Nelson and others.

I was intrigued, not by their celebrity but by their ability to intuitively manage themselves. For years, my passion-filled platform simply didn’t gel with a basic newscast. I was off course and my purpose was sending me in another direction. I didn’t know what was next, but I had to trust in what I could not see.

I left that business in search of a purposeful life. What I found was one calamity after another. I hit bottom. I failed many times and got bruised but a healing began in the ruins. I had to reposition and replenish, so I shifted gears. With $28 left in my bank account I developed a system to get back on track. I wrote Strut Your Stuff: Principles in Purpose, Power & Position - a resource for anyone seeking to break old patterns and live in a new, authentic space. I discovered a sisterhood of genuine women who inspired me to get moving again.

Today, I am the Founder/CEO of Rising Media LLC an Empowerment and Communications Company. I’m also a professional speaker on various topics. From my joy and strength, I founded the Woman of Power Leadership Conference, a national event for transparent forward-thinking leaders. This forum unites mid-level and senior professionals, as well as entrepreneurs and thought leaders for business-building strategies and well-being. We focus on the whole woman through a N.E.W. commitment: Networking. Education. Wellness. Attendees will connect with over a dozen speakers, each with a unique approach to achievement and winning. I believe there is a leader in each of us and we all answer to that inner calling in different ways and at different times.