Reid Stowe & Soanya Ahmad
Reid Stowe is a lifelong sailor and artist. Soanya Ahmad is a landscape photographer.

Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad departed from Hoboken, New Jersey on April 21, 2007 to do the longest sea voyage in history, 1000 Days Non-Stop at Sea. Together they sailed from the Hudson towards the Atlantic on a ship laden with three years worth of food, beans for sprouting, solar panels for energy, large tarps to catch rainwater, a laptop, an iridium satellite telephone, and a satellite tracking unit that would verify the path of the 1000 days voyage (see google map at

They sailed through a collision with a freighter on day 15 and through the tough repairs with limited supplies afterward. Then Ahmad had to leave the voyage on day 306 due to nausea and was transferred off the coast of Australia to another boat. Stowe continued on facing solitary days of huge sail repairs, a knockdown and more. Still, Stowe managed to create two large scale conceptual art drawings with the course that he sailed; the shape of a whale in the Pacific and a heart in the Atlantic. Stowe returned to land on June 17, 2010, completing 1,152 days at sea setting the longest sea voyage without re-supply by anyone alone or accompanied. Ahmad holds the record for the longest continuous time a woman has spent at sea without re-supply. The couple also holds the record for the longest man and woman sea voyage without re-supply. They are now re-united and raising the son they conceived at sea, presently two years old.

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