Renata M. Black
Founder, Empowered By You

Renata M. Black founded Seven Bar Foundation in 2009 after having studied microfinance under Noble Peace Prize winner – Muhammad Yunus in 2006 and launching a microfinance program in India for over 800 women in 2007. Black then came back to the states to develop the brand for the Empowerment of Women – a “ladder” icon symbolizing extending ladders to women out of poverty and into business. To reach a critical mass with the “ladder” icon she created and trademarked couture and luxury lingerie shows in the 15 top cities. Thus far Lingerie Miami, Lingerie New York and Lingerie London have redirected the power of the luxury lingerie industry to empowerment of women with over 4 billion media impressions.

The shows developed cause-marketing campaigns with Asscher Diamonds, Fusion Beauty, Kraft Foods and Diageo to note a few yielding nearly half a million in proceeds to the Foundation impacting 2,500 women locally and globally.

On October 24, 2012 at Lingerie London alongside Agent Provocateur and Atsuko Kudo, Black launched the for-profit Empowered By You brand with the ethos – Whatever Empowers You, Empowers Women Everywhere. 20% of every sale goes to the empowerment of women via Seven Bar Foundation. The product found in over 100 stores is a lifestyle brand now expanding into designer collaborations.

“My inspiration comes from the women in the world who live on under a dollar a day, break their backs to make it and still smile back at life.” -Renata M. Black

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