Rumni Saha

Special education teacher; columnist, author- Blue Sky For All

Rumni Saha is an acclaimed newspaper columnist, a much-loved Special Education Teacher and a dedicated family gal in a quiet suburb of Boston. She holds a Masters Degree in Education from Boston University.

Born in India, Rumni proudly claims to be a citizen of the world and kindness to be her religion. Her stories are heart-felt, sensible, whimsical and often controversial yet always thought-provoking.

Her first book Blue Sky For All: A Book of Cooking and Compassion is is available now on Amazon. In this book, Rumni shares her unique perspective on life, relationships and current affairs while offering up a simple, delicious recipe. A reader aptly and eloquently describes Rumni’s writing as “exuding the no-bull observations of George Carlin, the pensive reflections of Francis Gay and the heart-warming insight of James Herriot."