Ryan McKeever
Marketer, Consultant, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Ryan McKeever has been a corporate marketer, advertising agency professional and small business owner. His approach to business typically requires viewing all sides of any situation. Ryan has an atypical skill of being simultaneously strategic and creative. He leverages this ability to explore solutions from both sides of the brain that allow him to come up with a distinctive optimal solution that satisfies all business requirements yet intrigues and entices the target audience. Ryan thinks strategically and acts tactically.

As the Head of Marketing at Aveus, Ryan is a master at leveraging his unique combination of business perspective and experiences. This helps him deliver results for Aveus and for clients. It’s also why Ryan plays a senior consulting role on client engagements where marketing strategy and execution are imperative to achieve performance change.

Clients hire Ryan and the Aveus team to drive growth and profitability through:
- Improving Customer Experience
- Reinvigorating Innovation
- Operationalizing Change

Ryan has worked with a range of organizations such as Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, NBC Universal, Celebrity Cruises, Toyota, McDonald’s and many others.

Ryan holds an MBA from the University of South Carolina - The Moore School of Business and a BBA in Marketing, Journalism and Advertising from the University of Memphis.

Ryan is a calculated risk taker and loves pushing himself to the place right outside his comfort zone. From a personal perspective it’s why he:
- Has moved to a new city without knowing anyone. Twice.
- Considers banging his head against the wall an important part of the creative process.
- Let his parents keep the video of him in a televised, competitive bowling match when he was 13.