Saad Nabeel
Deported Full Scholarship Student

My name is Saad Nabeel and I was brought to America when I was three years old. My parents sought political asylum due to having fears that we would be persecuted in Bangladesh because of my father's political alliances. We moved to Los Angeles, California and lived there until 2002, I was 11 years old then. We then moved to Texas and settled down in our home in Frisco. At the end of my high school career I earned a full scholarship to the University of Texas at Arlington because of my many sleepless nights and academic achievements. Before being able to complete even a semester of Electrical Engineering education, ICE informed my parents that we had to leave the country by November 5, 2009. They would not extend our time to receive our approved I-130 immigrant visas aka Green Cards which took over 10 years to be approved.