Sara Sadik
Writer, blogger at www.sarasadik.com and mom to 3 "puzzle pieces". Pass the double espresso.

Sara Sadik is a great believer in looking for the magic and humor in every minute of life. She doesn't always succeed but she tries! She has a million notebooks, each bristling with 1,000s of Post-Its and is the voice behind www.sarasadik.com. She writes every morning and night (something other than the grocery list) before family dance-offs where there is almost always someone with a runny nose. Sara posts, tweets and instas like she knows what she's doing, interviews mamas with a hiccup (because every mama has a unique story to share), and pours her funny guts into her non-fiction humorous parenting book to please her agent and eventually lock down a publisher. Through her brand, #findingthemagic and @magicmommyhood, she is on a mission to show the commonalities for modern moms-in-the-making across the globe, from Delaware to Dublin to Dubai where she lives, where vomit is caught in hands, lullabies are sung, husbands bitched about, and mother-in-laws judged. She's on a mission to fight the breakdowns, laugh at the breakthroughs, and make sense of this magical, barely-manageable mess otherwise known as mommyhood.