Scott Shaw

As an accomplished executive with an acknowledged record of success in all aspects of “New Media and Experiential Marketing.” Mr.Shaw focuses on the immersive relation between brands and new technology. He is President of kkm Watermark Media.

His creative and keenly relevant insights into the convergence of new media marketing, brand building and the delivery of technology provides him with an opportunity to work with of the world’s largest brands including Mattel, Coca-Cola, LEGO, Sony, Marvel and Warner Bros. and become the champion for recognizing brand experiences including: Lord of The Rings, Barbie (NYC and Shanghai, China), Hot Wheels and Starbucks as major brand extension strategies.

Scott is exceptionally creative when it comes to understanding his clients’ brand and business goals. The objective always to deliver the best possible interactive or new media experience. His project strengths are steeped in experience, bringing efficiency and a clear vision to his clients.

Whether it’s online, in retail or a corporate environment, Scott directs specific attention both to the resulting experience for the end-user as well as the business needs of his clients. His management strengths are based on solid ethics and he always looks to produce a win-win for all parties on all of his projects.

Scott’s passion for art, artistic people and the creative process mixed with his curious obsession for technology, entertainment and gaming brought him to Texas A&M University and his earning a degree in Environmental Design and Visualization. His architectural education and subsequent practice with Morris Architects provided him with a well-balanced approach to problem solving and experience building.

His holistic “complete brain” perspective proved to be beneficial during his opportunity to partner in the conception strategy, planning and architecting of the Moody Gardens, Disney’s Feature Animation building in Burbank, California and the Kelsey-Sebold Clinics, among many others.
Scott has started seven firms to date and still remains a partner in several including Six Foot, Watermark, Verdix, and the Design Liberation Group. He has dual citizenship in Canada and the U.S. and enjoyed living in Italy during college. He actively travels and enjoys scuba diving (instructor), golfing and of course gaming.