Seymour Chwast

Seymour Chwast, co-founder of Push Pin Studios and now director of the Pushpin Group, reintroduced graphic styles and transformed them into a contemporary vocabulary. His designs and illustrations have been used in advertising, animated films, and editorial, corporate and environmental graphics. He has created over 100 posters and has designed and illustrated more than thirty children’s books. His work has been the subject of "Seymour Chwast: The Left-Handed Designer" (Abrams, 1985) and "Seymour: The Obsessive Images of Seymour Chwast" (Chronicle, 2009). Museums such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Library of Congress have collected his posters. He has lectured and exhibited worldwide and is in
the Art Directors Hall of Fame. Seymour is an AIGA Medal recipient, awarded in 1985.