Shari Cohen
Independant Consultant specializing in Human Rights-Based Social Change

Shari Cohen is an international development worker in the international development sector, specializing in building human capacity to initiate social change utilizing human rights based approaches. She is the co-founder of Change Makers Experiential Learning Labs, a 5-10 day experiential learning workshop where individual learn how to harness their own 'human technology' to achieve social change within their communities. She has worked in the international development sector since 1984, throughout Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Caribbean regions. Because her work has deep roots with local counterparts in community-based organizations, NGOs, UN agencies and government ministries, she has been able to see and experience a depth and breadth of the countries she works in that few travelers can access. Ms. Cohen is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, having served in Botswana as a teacher, and afterward continued on with a career in international development.

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