Shari D. Teigman
Change Instigator, Unconventional Coach, Creative Biz Spark Strategist

Shari is a Chief Instigator of Change, Unconventional Coach and Creative Business Strategist. Shari helps her clients ditch their Groundhog Day living and find their unique path and voice to live a Maverick unleashed life in all areas. Shari also works with entrepreneurs and business owners who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled in their work and projects, to find the unique blend of motivation, creative strategy and POP instead of a I-really-hate-my-job and/or-my-life type of deal. Shari also hosts her podcast The Shambles Show. Shari’s unique zone of genius is helping people find their creative spark, their passion and their individuality to fuel success and fulfillment in life and business. She does the deep work right alongside of you to uncover where you went off track, where you want to be and how to build your own bridge to a creative business of your dreams and a vibrantly colorful life. Equipped with a selfless and nurturing side mixed with a crazy rebel spirit, she has turned her passion into the pursuit to help others find their deepest purpose and talents, which she turned into a business. She believes that with the right sherpa, every person has the potential to uncover and rediscover whom they once were before they lost their individuality. When Shari is not working with her clients and building her delightfully bold empire, she can often be found dancing on the kitchen table as her 2 boys glance over at her with smirks and move on with their normal lives.